As writer/editor at Ingenuity Works for five years, I researched, wrote and edited content for the six CD-ROMs listed below.

For most of these programs, I also

  • Wrote and/or edited the help materials, teacher guides and marketing copy
  • Selected images and video clips and obtained permission to use them
  • Carried out fact checking and quality assurance testing
  • Ensured the language level was appropriate for target audiences

Crosscountry Canada 2
Crosscountry Canada 2
In this simulation program, students drive a truck around the country on a mission to pick up and deliver a wide range of commodities. Along the way, students learn about their country and its economy. They also learn valuable skills such as problem solving, map reading, and decision making.

Crosscountry Canada Photo Safari
Similar to Crosscountry Canada 2, but instead of picking up Crosscountry Canada Photo Safari commodities, students become wildlife photographers on a mission to photograph species at risk. The program helps students learn about their country and its geography. It also aims to help students

  • Understand animal habitats
  • Describe the appearance and behaviour of animals
  • Discover what animals need to survive
  • Understand animal adaptations to different environments
  • Learn about human impact on animals

Crosscountry USA 2Crosscountry USA 2
Similar to Crosscountry Canada 2 above, but set in the United States and focused on U.S. commodities.

Crosscountry USA Photo Safari
Similar to Crosscountry Canada Photo Safari above, but set in the United States and focused on species at risk in the U.S.

The Abacus ProjectThe Abacus Project
The Abacus Project is an adventure program designed to develop children’s math, logic and problem-solving skills. On the way home from school, students fall into a mysterious underground laboratory. To escape the lab, they must solve a series of math puzzles. Eight puzzles build children’s skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Children spend more time on higher-level thinking than on basic computation.

I was the quality assurance test lead on The Abacus Project. I also acted as the voice of Abacus (a nervous, memory-challenged PDA that accompanies players as they try to escape the lab).

LiftoffLiftoff is a set of three hands-on space adventures. In the program, students

  • Learn about the history and future of space exploration
  • Take a virtual tour of the space shuttle
  • Train to fly a shuttle in the astronaut-training simulator